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More postcards/ images for design

Animal postcards

car postcards
    Postcards come printed on premium 12 pt. high gloss paper.  They all come with a printed back (unless otherwise stated).  Use one of your own pictures or choose from one of these on the right to incorporate into a design.  Appointments, advertisements, reminders, etc... can be printed on the back.  The dimensions of the postcards are 4.21" x 5.47"  What a way to impress potential customers!!

    Things to include in e-mail:  Business name,  logo, saying, return address contact, what you want printed on the back, pictures you want turned into a postcard design, anything else you want!!
    Also consider the use of any of these pictures into designs for your business cards, letterheads, labels, etc..  Just include the request in your e-mail.
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