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The way to change your business image:

    An initial contact is made by the person or busines wishing to inquire about a creating and printing a new business image, or just wanting to print of an old design using Joshua David Designs.  We ask that a general description about your interest be given (such as which product(s) and important information that may need to go on the product-logo, saying, contact info, etc...).  If there are specific pictures or logos that are wanted on the product, as part of the design, we ask that they are attached to the e-mail as a picture of 300 dpi or greater resolution.  A design will then be constructed either from scratch (considering business type and underlying message) or with some pictures and text layout suggestions from you.  These designs are done using a variety of photo and image layout programs.  Before sending to print, a picture of the design (proof) will be sent to you via e-mail to ensure satisfaction.  Up to this point everything is free.  Once the proof is accepted all you have to do is come back to the home page (link in an e-mail) and click the button "The proof looks perfect, I like to purchase."  This will take you to a list of prices where you just click on the item you'd like to purchase.  Next you just click the quantity, any extra options, and the finish in some cases and your ready to purchase.  Upon payment the proof will go to print and arrive at your door in about 2 weeks.   Also designs may be sent to you in a few different formats (usually jpeg) so that printing can be done in your local area if that is your preference (price quote for just a design is case by case). Note that this is just an overview of the process.  Under each product are more information requests (ex:  business cards require more info than labels).